Hawkewynde Armoury 

Current Projects

Our current project is the Black Dog Dagger.  This 50 centimetre dagger cut from 6 millimetre thick spring steel bar and was designed collectively by the Black Dogs themselves.  The blade width was originally was 68 millimetres but after the first template was produced it was pared down to 50 millimetres, giving it a more elegant look.

The Quillon is a laser cut design by Stefan Olesen and compliments the blade quite well.  The prototype has one 20 millimetre wide fuller running centrally down the blade beginning where the chamfered edges meet in the centre of the blade to about two thirds down the blade length at a depth of 2 millimetres.  A  40 by 29 millimetre oval pommel 25 millimetres long is pinned to the tang.  The handle which is leather thong over pine is 130 millimetres long.  It weighs in at 725 grams and the balance point of this beast as right at the front of the quillon. 

The next stage will be designing the pommel "seal" which will be a small plate probably no thicker than 1.5 millimetres in the shape of the Black Dog emblem this feature of the pommel will serve as the Black Dog seal.

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