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The purpose of this page is to provide news and information relating to the things we do at Hawkewynde Armoury.  Links, tips, where to source items and a trading area as all found here.

Fittings and Bits


This cutlass hilt guard was designed by Donald Tannock and by Colin Halden.  It was designed so the cutlass it is fitted to can be used effectively in both left or right hand.  Plans to have this laser cut out of 2 millimetre mild steel are currently under way.



For Sale


Theatrical combat cutlass (right handed), made by Colin Halden on the 26th of September 2004, valued at $160.00  It is 690 millimetres from button rivet to point, has a 4 millimetre wide 415 millimetre long offset to the back edge fuller that starts 75 millimetres from the hand guard and weighs 0.98 Kilograms

This Item is currently up for sale ring 0414 344 127 or E-mail Donald if interested in buying.



Historic Armouries is an Australian based company that offers a range of quality
personal protective equipment for the Western Martial Artist and Medieval Enthusiast.
The Armour Archive is an on-line Journal devoted to teaching people how to make armour. 
To help beginner armourers avoid reinventing the wheel, and to help advanced armourers grasp the finer points of armouring.

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